How to submit an article:

Email your submission and an abstract to

Journal content must directly align with WJES’ vision and fall under each issue-by-issue focus.

Journal content is stringently held to the following criteria.

  • Content must be in accordance with all University of Waterloo and Imprint Publications policies and bylaws and will be disqualified from publication if it does not meet this criteria. As such, any and all information and sources used to write content for any submission type must be completely and properly cited.
  • Submission authors must be affiliated with the University of Waterloo.
  • As a journal of social sciences, works cited should be documented in American Psychological Association (APA) citation style.
  • Authors know that they reserve the right to contest any peer-review edits and sourcing discrepancies. In this event, the managing editor will serve as mediator until both parties reach a resolution. In the event of no apparent resolution, a volunteer mediator from the advisory board will be chosen to further resolve the issue.

With regards to further specifications for publishing consideration, please ensure you include the following:

Within your paper:
o Preferred maximum of 5000 words [It looks like the body of your paper is just over 5000 words; this should be fine as is]
o Inclusive language wherever possible (E.g. “He/she” instead of “he” or “she”, “chairperson” instead of “chairman”)
o Citations and bibliography in APA format
o Two copies of your submission: one with a .docx file extension and the other with a .pdf file extension

Within your submission email:
o Full name
o Email address
o Telephone number
o Association with the University of Waterloo (E.g. Student, faculty, alumni)
o Highest program and year of study at the University of Waterloo, if applicable
o Purpose for writing the article (E.g. For a specific class, for personal interest/analysis of existing information, for publishing potential, etc.)
o Why you were motivated to submit to the Journal for publishing
o A statement of whether or not the article has been previously published prior to the time of submission, or if it is anticipated that the article will be published in a channel other than WJES in the future. If the answer is yes to either of the previous questions, please state when and where the article has, or is anticipated to be, published.
o A statement confirming that you are the sole author of the article. If you are not the sole author of the article, please use this section to clarify why that is the case.

For more information about submissions or criteria, please contact

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